Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cleaning the Closet

So, I decided to skip the gym and sleep the whole day. Not, a decision that I always choose to do but, occasionally I still do have lazy days. Later that afternoon, after waking from my coma, I decided to clean out the closet and pull out some of my spring outfits. To my surprise, almost ALL of my clothes were too big.

This is a beautiful Wal-mart shirt that I bought last year for a dollar. I could seriously not get a booby into this shirt. Now look!! Two boobies are in the shirt!! (Yes, I was dancing in my room so hard that I worked up a sweat. It was one of my, "Holy Fuck, This Shirt Fits!!" dances.)

This is a picture of the jeans that I wore ALL summer. It was a good feeling when I realized that they were that loose!

I just patented a new idea called the Lazy Sherri...

...And here is the Lazy Sherri XXL. Capable of holding anything from a book to a box of crackers.

...Last but not least, we have the shoplifting jean, (another product from the Lazy Sherri collection). These jeans make an object disappear before your eyes slimming naturally to your stomach.


Yeah, I'm just happy...

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