Monday, January 13, 2014

Weigh-In Monday 2014

Yeah, I survived my first week of the 2014 diet.  As I promised in the last blog, I was going to post my weekly weigh-ins.  So let me show you how much I weighed last week.
(After fighting my scale...)

And this is my weight this week...
I lost three pounds!!!

In my head that means I am almost back down to my starting weight from last semester.  My goal is to stick to it or die trying...from eating too many doughnuts...
I set a new record last Thursday in my Shockwave rowing class.  I did the 100 meter row in 16 seconds.  As a result, my legs are now reenacting lime throbbing jello. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Many wishes of good luck that will follow you to blah, blah, blah...
Who made a New Year's Resolution?
Was it to lose weight?
Was it to save money?
Get married?
Stop Smoking?
Come on, you can tell me...
My New Year's Resolution was to pay more attention to my fitness blog but I failed that five days ago when I was originally suppose to make this blog entry.  All I did was change the date so it looked like I made it on the first.  I'm also trying to stay in touch with MyFitnessPal.  So whenever I make a new blog, it will also pop up on MyFitnessPal and Facebook news feed.
*Click and read at your own risk*
As my good old friend Anthony said best while recovering from a brain tumor:

It shouldn't take a new year for you to start something for a promised week.  What was wrong with the last 365 days of 2013?  (Some of y'all may have a valid reason but the other 93.6% does not.)

  • *I just want to give a Shout-Out to all the people that found their way back to the gym.  But just as a side note, walking into the middle of one of the aerobic classes just to say hi, is not cute... :o(
  • Nor will it ever be...
  • Quit it...
  • Now...
  • *I need people to stop telling me how skinny I am.  That has backfired two times now.  In my head, (which is referred to as a Picasso painting) if you call me skinny, I'm going to go out and eat tons on "un-skinny" food until I look in the mirror and see Shamu.  Yes people, this is also my way of admitting that I have gained back the ten pounds I lost back before the semester started.  Thank God it was only ten pounds!!
  • *My blog entry for the Perdue Simply Smart Chicken is nine clicks away from the big 1,000...Which means, Perdue should be paying me for that mess.  "You gonna pay what you owe!"
  • LOL, just kidding... I never expected the review to get any attention but when a company does a good job at making good food, I let them know.  Here is the link for the review, just in case you want to click it nine more times... ...but if you just don't give a damn, keep reading along.
  • *My Skinny video which will rock My Fitness Blog and make people question why do I call it a "Fitness Blog" is set to come out this month.  I know I said it was coming out in the middle of December but after my laptop meltdown and Christmas being very impatient, I'm broke. 
  • Also, I know my friends are hiding but I need 4-5 of y'all in order to finish filming this.  So, if any of y'all are not busy Thursday the 9th, text me, Facebook me, call me, send a smoke signal, anything.  The quicker y'all stop hiding, the faster the video will be done.  Just so nobody gets confused, if I posted this blog to your Facebook Wall, I'm talking about you.
  • *Last but not least, though my New Year's Resolution is to pay more attention to my blogs, if at anytime my schoolwork, gym time, or sleep is in jeopardy, the blogs will slack.
Now this is the part where I usually tell people my current standings...BUT!!
I'm going to skip this week because something is wrong with my scale.  Maybe it's getting old, or I have thrown it too much, it could even be messed up from Asian batteries, or I'm just fat, but it has failed to give me an accurate number since I went back on the diet.  I really think it's because I have an extra pound of Arabian horse hair on my head and it's confused.
This also gives me enough time to purchase a 2014 calendar. 
To end this on the brightest note so far in 2014, I am noticing that everyday I go to my rowing class, I get better.  Here are my new record results for that.
300 meters: 55 seconds
200 meters:  37 seconds
100 meters: 17 seconds
I do believe, this is the first time I actually tried in the 300 meters.  With that said, Good-night everybody...
I'm exhausted...
P.S.=I'm dead serious.  If this is posted on your Wall and you fall off the side of the Earth on Wednesday... I...WILL...HUNT...YOU...DOWN!!!