Thursday, January 22, 2015


(I thought maybe if I write about what is hurting it will make me feel better.)

Definition: The rear part of the human body, extending from the neck to the lower end of the spine.

Lawd! Have mercy!!

My back hasn't hurt this much since I fell out of the bed, landed still asleep on my laptop, and had a burn mark from China all the way to Chicago on my back when I woke up.
I'm not known or familiar with having back pains so this is new to me.
After my Tabata class on Tuesday, I have no back.  I only have a thousand little puzzle pieces that can't figure out how they got there or what their suppose to do in the first place. The bad thing was... When I was doing the exercise that annihilated my back, I asked myself if I was performing the exercise correctly.  The exercise has had a history of playing with a nerve which was always my sign to calm down but never had I experienced a devastating destruction of my back.  But, I did managed to finish the class even though my back was hurting only after the first ten minutes.
Aleve for back pain can shove it.  That crap did nothing and still is doing a good job at nothing.  The best name brand sugar pill if you ask me.
On Wednesday, I prayed for an angel to come and get me out of the bed. Twenty minutes later after I summoned the powers from Dragon Ball Z, I was at the least, standing... After finding everything that I normally do in the morning harder than coming in second for the Olympics, I was ready for work.  I was on self-check the whole day trying to baby my back to bend.  We all know that I can't stand self-checkout so I must have been feeling some type a-way.  I just didn't want someone to say, "I have water on the bottom" or "I have sodas on the bottom" or "My entire order is on the bottom.".  That would persuade me to start up a Free Day Holiday or drag cashiers from random places and get them to scan stuff for me. I did notice that people where complimenting me on losing weight and added that I looked like I had lost more recently.  I agreed but informed them that my fifteen minute wavy wacky inflatable tube man struggle to snake my way into my clothes burned off five pounds this morning. By the afternoon, my back did give long enough for me to accomplish a handicapped version of Zumba.
Good question- When your back hurts, how should you sleep on your bed at night? 
Because if floating was an option....

Arms Around Me

(one of those many blogs I was suppose to write a million years ago.)

So, one day I had a co-worker who asked a simple question.  She asked, "When did you realize you had lost a lot of weight?"
She didn't believe my answers...
I told her that earlier that week was when I had finally noticed how small I was getting.  It's the weird things I had noticed.  It wasn't my jeans getting bigger or my shirts sliding off of me.  I told her it was the first time getting on Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens and having the lap bar close.  Considering the fact that the lap bar didn't close without a fight when I attempted to ride it for the first time when I was fifteen. I didn't want to get on the ride the second time around but seeing that bar close without the slightest force made the fear tears flow freely after the first drop.  I should have purchased the on-ride photo just so I'd have proof of riding. 
It's the weird small changes that blow my mind the most.
Another event that occurred to convince me further that I had joined the skinny club was when I walked around bored in a movie theater waiting for the show to start.  I happened to walk by a set of double-sided mirrors that employees in the office could look out but all you saw was your reflection.  All I could think of was this mirror must be from a Funhouse.  It didn't hit home until one of my friends came to stand next to me that it was indeed me....the way everyone else saw me, everyday.  I think I would've been less shocked if my leg was missing then to see that half of me was absent from the mirror.
Here is one last way that I knew I was losing weight...and probably the one I remember the most.  I had gotten past the denial phase and just entered into the accepting phase.  There was a friend that I hadn't seen in forever.  We talked for a while but before he left, he gave me a bear hug.  When his arms went all the way around my waist and then some, I could have fell out.  Usually, when your overweight, people hug your neck or hug your shoulders.  Or they do that retarded move where an arm is out straight and the other arm hooks around whatever it can.
But no....he hugged me.
The second his arms went around me, it was a new system of measurement.  I hugged him back so I could compare them when I got home.
On the chart of "Best Moments of My Life" this falls right behind me getting my new phone and in front of the Ravens winning the Super Bowl.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Not My New Year's Resolution

(I need to stop eating at the computer.  Just spent three minutes blowing crumbs off.  I'm lightheaded from this amount of work.)

Well, as we all know I set some New Year promises that I failed miserably at last year.
Let's recap:
  1. Pay more attention to my fitness blog. X (Epic) FAIL!!
    • I can count on one hand how many post I made last year even if I had two fingers missing...)
    • I can list how many other things I paid attention to... like my dogs, and my job, and my bills!!
  2. I STILL need a CALENDAR!!
  3. I gained more weight than the last two years combined.
    • I will post my weight when I accept the fact that I gained it. But until then...
    • I did tell myself that I would only be blogging when I started taking the diet and exercising serious.  What's the point of blogging if it's not about fitness.  It is a fitness blog after all.
    • I have been on my diet and exercise plan since the day after Christmas and lost eight pounds so far. 
    • I do believe I'm back to my regular routine because I weighed-in Monday with the mysterious eight pound weight loss that I was carrying around all day Sunday.
  4. I found my Skinny video hiding on the hard drive of my new computer. 
    •  It's not finished, it may not ever be finished. 
    • If I can't make a simple post on my blog, what makes people think that I have the time and patience to edit and produce a music video? P. Diddy in the house!!
    • If I ever go on vacation at my job, I promise I will finish this video.
  5. I don't know whether to buy a 2014 calendar just to make up for ignoring the whole year or just apologize and move forward.  That means I didn't do one single weigh-in Monday. SMH..I got lazy, not fat...There's a difference...
  6. I started my diet...
    • Yes, this means out of the entire year I was only on my diet for two months.
    • I was unable to go "cold turkey" like the first time.  Sometimes the mind is stronger to battle the second time round.
    • I looked good in April for the trip to Florida and the Bahamas.
    • I do believe my constant overeating during the holidays made the switch in my brain click to off and cause my hunger and cravings to cease. We can guess that I have been going to the gym nonstop until my legs fall off.
    • On the same note, losing my grandfather made everything I was trying to accomplish seem petty.
      • My graduation seemed petty since the person that pushed you to reach for greatness is gone.
      • My problems seemed petty since a person who put their problems aside to deal with yours, is gone.
        • I don't like bringing up the grandfather topic because there will always be a sore spot in my heart.
        • Always express yourself while they are with you because it burns like hell when they are gone.
        • What burns the most is that I WROTE THIS before and DIDN'T FOLLOW MY OWN ADVICE...
        • Free advice anyone? This child is immune to her own advice so she's just giving it away!!
*Even though I am not working on the blog as much as I use to, I encourage people to read it for motivation, tips, and tricks to help during the journey to lose weight.  These things definitely do not expire so redeem them as much as possible!