Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Weigh-In?

 Yup, it's my blog and I do what I very well please...
So as you may know, last year every week I did a weekly weigh-in on Mondays.  But this week and last week I completely forgot to so here it is now.  My current weight is....

Yeah I feel fat today... But it's a seven pound water weight loss since last week which was the week of the dreaded "P".

The Apocalypse is starting...

This man, whose last step class was wwaaayyy before I got my gym membership five years ago, decides to join us...  Believe me, the whole time that I was in this class, I was waiting for the sun to fall out of the sky or it to start raining blood.  I give him props because he made it halfway through the class before exiting stage right.

Ironic Moment of the Day: Remember how my last blog was titled "Never Give Up"?  Well, my boyfriend decided to official give up on our relationship for the second time today... Let's just say that I'm too busy celebrating that I have lost seven pounds in a week to worry about what's going on with this relationship.  Throughout the day, I weighed in again after the whole fiasco and two pounds of stress fell off my body.  I now weigh 239...  I now have the time go to the gym and chase after unrealistic men like Trey Songz...~~BURN~~
(And to all my Facebook guys; I am not on the rebound! If you ain't talk to me for the last three years, do yourself a favor and keep it that way! I will embarrass you...)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Never Give Up!!

No people I have not given up on the blogs. It’s not everyday that something exciting happens in my life. But, if you want to know what I did today here it goes…
I woke up at ten in the morning and then went to work at eleven. After getting off from work at eight, I proceeded to eat two turkey tacos and went to bed…
Yep, that’s it… Wal-Mart fucked up my whole day and y’all had to sit here and read about it. I bet I wasted a good minute of your life that you will never get back to tell you that my life sucked today. 
But on the bright side, I found this cool graphic while I was searching Google for something I can’t remember now.

(This is actually not the picture I was going to put up but I’m at the library and I don’t feel like Googling it again.  It will be on another blog later in life.  My eyes hurt but it’s still cool!!)

 I find this image very powerful. It lets you remember that with all the haters and negative thoughts circulating your mind, YOU must push YOURSELF to accomplish what YOU want to do in YOUR life. It’s not easy but when you reach your goal it’s fucking awesome!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's a New Day!

I do believe it is now time for me to stop falling off the bandwagon. It's starting to get depressing now.
This is now beginning Day 1 for the third time. It is also probably the worst day to start anything. I woke up surprisingly with cramps, yea. :o/ Normally this is the day of nothing; I wake up and pretty much lay on everything twice before I take a shower or an aspirin.  For breakfast, I ate tortilla chips, and destroyed ice cream for lunch...  You can tell that I was just not up for anything today. But somehow before swallowing my fifth aspirin and after taking my afternoon nap, I regained some energy. I wanted to run somewhere...ANYWHERE!! So, I get my things together and prepare myself to bust out of the front door and wander randomly down the neighbor.  Soon as I open up the door, I realized two things:
1. It's raining
2. It's raining a lot
Normally if it's sprinkling or raining a little I can ignore it, but no, this was a "my mailbox is floating down the street" type of rain.  I knew that if I didn't want to run to the car to get my running shoes, there was no way I was going to run period. I already planned to go the gym but I wanted to include a quick run before I went. 
Oh well...

So at the gym, I take a Tabada class (I think that is how it is spelled).  The whole gist of it is 30 seconds of hell and 10 seconds of heaven.  It is one of those classes that are only as intense as you make it.  I could easily goof off the entire time and burn a whopping five calories but it defeats the purpose of driving to the gym! By the time that class was over, I felt a little bit like this...

Wait! I forgot to add something!!
Now THAT'S how I really felt after class was over!! A dinosaur could have been coming to attack me and I still would have been laid out on the concrete.
After the class was over I figured it was time to go home and die.  I went home, cooked up some turkey tacos and proceeded to let fatigue set in.  Well, that was until I ended up in the Petsworth parking lot.
My sister, who is starting the Couch to 5k program was out running and I decided to run along with her because that's what sisters do. 

(Do Not Ask why Luther Vandross is playing in the background)
We might as well come together and help each other out.  She might be getting tired of me speeding off every time she tries to chase me.  I mean not everyone can lose 80 pounds and live to brag about it. :oD 
Yes Yolanda, I am bragging...