Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Day is Here...

I decided for this blog, to show off my awesome sock collection!

Somebody at work asked me the other day, "Why do you wear socks that go up to my knees?" 
My response was:

Hypothetically speaking, I do give a fuck about what animals think of me because if I didn't there would have been one less owl in the world last week.  I just found this photo really funny.

This is a sad morning for the Adidas family.  My poor shoes that were by my side since day one will perform their last class today.  The holes on each side are growing bigger with each workout and I guess it is finally time to let gggggooooooohhhooohhoooo!!!!
*blubbers hysterically*
I'm real picky when it comes to buying athletic shoes because if their not comfortable, I won't do anything.  My giant wide size eleven foot must be relaxed in whatever shoe I put on in order for me to maintain happiness.  Just for the record, my Adidas were the most comfortable, light, and flexible shoe I have EVER worn in my life.  I could do jumping jacks like they were nothing because the shoe absorbed all shock.
So, I'm going to go to Shoe Carnival with an open mind in hopes that I will find a shoe either like or better than my Adidas.
Wish me luck!!
P.S.-Wish me a LOT of luck.  I more than likely will be participating in Zumba tomorrow barefooted..

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