Thursday, August 8, 2013


As I mentioned in my last blog, I was in need of a new pair of shoes.
Well, I found two pairs!!
I went to Shoe Carnival and the shoes just fell in love with me.

The first pair just stuck out from its unique colors.  I realized if I wear these shoes while traveling through the Courthouse, everything should see me!!  A Sherri with kneecaps is a happy Sherri indeed...
The picture gives these shoes no justice...
They are a bright fucking pair of shoes...
They made my eyes hurt after debating whether or not to get them...
A cool thing about these shoes (besides the obnoxious color) is the memory foam inside the shoes.  Theses shoes...are not my gym shoes. More than likely they are going to end up as my school/running from wolves in the woods shoes.
Since Shoe Carnival's current special sponsored a "BOGO for half price" these FILA shoes were only twenty dollars.
Yes, it was a given that my new pair of shoes would be Adidas.  These shoes have that unexplainable comfort that makes you want to slap your momma!  This is also the same comfort that gives me the strength and happiness that I need to preform these death defying cardio classes.  If my feet are comfortable, I'm going to be more active.  I'm not going to announce these as the best shoes ever because I have not worn every shoe ever made.  But, I can say they are way better than whatever these crappy, "made in China" department stores are selling. 
Since I had to pay full price for this pair of shoes, their retail value totaled $55.  That is still not bad compared to the $70 I paid for the old pair.  Regardless, when it comes to comfort, I have no price limit.  My bills will just have to except the fact that those shoes were more important than them.
But on a real note, I have been suffering with my emotional eating.  A good friend/mom/aunt/cousin to many has recently passed away and I'm currently still in my state of disbelief.  The way this year is playing out, I should be preparing for the unexpected.  I guess what I'm trying to say is to never take anything in this life for granted.  You will not know how much you appreciate something until it's gone...forever.


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