Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August BWLW Challenge

On this lovely afternoon, I decided to blog.  Also, it's cause I blew out both my thighs during Monday's step class.  Nothing like cruising in style in my Wal-Mart motor cart.  I had a little girl at work approach me and question why I was riding around in the chair.  I simply looked at her and said, "I'm disabled" and carried on with my business.  The pain in my thighs couldn't even be numbed by pain-killers or ice cream.  At the end of the day, I convinced myself to skip the gym and go home.  I'm hoping to make a full recovery before kick boxing tomorrow morning.
But anywho...
The real reason for this blog is to explain the new challenge for August.  The BWLW Challenge for August is the No Junk Food, No Fast Food, No Processed Sugars, and No White Flour.
...where to start...
I'm not going to call B.S. on this immediately.
I'm not a fan of challenges that ask for too much.  Throughout the entire blog it repeats the urge to consult a physician before starting.  If you have to constantly repeat and re-word asking consent, then it's probably not the best challenge in the world.  This challenge is focused more on cooking then anything.  With school approaching quickly, cooking is almost not an option.  It's either going to be something easy to fix "like a salad" or something I didn't fix at all, "like Panera Bread." 
With that said, I'm not going to abandon the challenge, but I'm quite sure I will fail it on the first day.  It's just too much of a drastic change from not eating meat to only eating meat and fruits.  It I was to plan my meals in a day, it would look like this:
Breakfast: Fruit
Lunch: Fruit
Dinner: T-Bone Steak
That meal plan sounds like a heart attack in three days.
The most contradicting part of the challenge for me is the no processed sugar.  Almost 75% of the foods I eat/drink have processed sugars in it.  The only way that I am going to work without sugar in my system is if my job gives me full permission to zap anyone irritating with the electric fly swatter.  We all know that will never happen so...
The other reason is because I eat Special K Cereal and it also contains processed sugar.  The challenge collides with my Special K diet and believe me, I'm going to stick to the plan that is working.
So all in all, I'm going to participate as much as I can with the challenge, but if I'm not eating enough or starving myself, I will stop.
On a positive note, the challenge comes with an awesome squat calendar workout.  I guess it's time to clean out the junk in the trunk.
Not all of it...just some...
If you would like to know more information about the challenge or the squat calendar then it is available at:

P.S.-This is the third blog in my new book and I have not lost it.  I am now able to read my own hand writing.  Yay me!!

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