Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Words don't mean that much to me...

I lied...

Recently, after my weight loss became noticeable, people got weirder... The following sentences are no longer acceptable as valid compliments and/or topic starters...

  • "Have you done something with your eyebrows?" (Gerri my co-worker...EPIC!!)
  • "I liked you the way you were..."
  • "How much do you weigh now?"
  • "I will lose the rest of your weight for you..."
  • "Is that on your diet?"
  • "You made me look short, now I look short and fat!"
  • "Hi, Skinny Mini!!" (What's up Tubby Wubby?)
  • "You have lost weight. You have lost a lot of weight. I see it, yeah..." (This was one of those random compliments that I heard but didn't know where it was coming from...)
  • "Your head is getting smaller."
  • "You can't eat that! Your doing so well..."
  • "Wouldn't your face get smaller if you lost that much weight, like so and soh's did?"
  • "Your a sexy lady..." (This came from a 85 year old man. I really felt I needed to shower after this was said...)

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