Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Product Review: Perdue Simply Smart Chicken

I was going to do a video but I realized that I didn't want to put the time and energy into it...

I don't usually blog about a product. But, I needed to shed some light on this topic.
The last couple of weeks, I have seriously been having the munchies for chicken nuggets. As we all know, the only way that I was going to get a healthy chicken ANYTHING was if I bought a whole chicken, beat it into nuggets, and bread it into some croutons.
So, one day I was looking through my coupon book and noticed a coupon for Perdue Simply Smart Chicken. It was worth a shot to try something new. Unfortunately, the Wal-Mart I went to does not carry it, (Wink, wink, nudge, maybe you should start carrying it...) but I remember seeing it at Harris Teeter and Food Lion.
After a couple of days of putting it off, I finally went to Food Lion to buy it. It is a frozen food item so the first thing that I am thinking is, "This is going to be F*ing horrible!" But naturally, I flip it over to read the nutrition facts and realize that it is not that bad at all. The only bad thing about it was that it cost like ten dollars, but it cost to eat healthy now... or to eat at all...
"This is going to be F*ing horrible!!"
Now, this is the part where I am going to compare it with something. The only other chicken product that we have in the house is the Tyson Chicken Nuggets. (I really didn't find out until after I wrote this that we only have the stupid Tyson Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets. WHO KNEW THAT WOULD SERIOUSLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!)


 Now, I'm going to explain this using my super duper comparison table I made with Paint. I highlighted the main problem I had with Tyson. There is 17 grams of fat in ONLY five chicken nuggets. Me personally, I never ate only five nuggets in my life!! I ate nuggets until I got sick!!
Before y'all jump my throat and inform me that the serving sizes are different, we will get to that later.
On the Perdue side, you see that there are less calories, less carbohydrates from breading, and hell they even threw some iron in there for ya!! And they still taste wonderful!!

Okay guys, I bet that y'all are seriously asking, "What does this have to do with me?" The reason why I am putting this up on my blog is cause if one of y'all ask me one more time what I eat, I'm going ape nuts...
This is me recommending a healthy alternative to buying a raw chicken and cooking it when you are stressed on time. This will also hopefully get you to understand the importance to checking the nutrition facts on ALL products that your about to purchase. The box may look cool on the front and then transform into the nightmare on elm street when you read the back...

Got it?


Now, the next thing that I want to do is show you what 84 and 90 grams look like. (If my sister lets me borrow her scale this afternoon.)

Correction: The Tyson Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets are a 92 gram serving (one gram off) with 18 grams of fat... Maybe it was because they were frozen but there was no F*ing way that I was getting five nuggets on there!! So I cut one in half...

The Perdue Simply Smart Chicken Strips are a 84 gram (one gram off) serving with 5 grams of fat...

Even the appearance is different... Which one would you eat?
Tyson Dinosaur Chicken Nugget

Perdue Simply Smart Chicken Strips

My name is Sherri and I approve Perdue Simply Smart Chicken Products...


  1. Can't wait to try them.

  2. But the sodium is 400. Is that horrible or not.