Tuesday, March 18, 2014


As you can tell, school is going great because I have not written a blog entry since then.  Just to let everyone know, during my hiatus I have not lost a single pound.  More or less, I have gained a couple pounds.  With me trying to juggle everything in life, it is getting harder to eat (not the healthy part, just the timing).  Some days, I wouldn't eat anything till five in the afternoon and then the overeating would start five minutes after the initial first bite.
Well, that was until last week...
I was thinking to myself that something had to give.  I weighed in between the same two pounds for about a year.
I was sick of it...
It was the same feeling I had when I first started dieting at 318.  So, I decided to cut back on my current definition of "cutting back." 
Just like MyFitnessPal said, "The more exercise you do, the more you can eat."
I destroyed this motto because I do the sweat pouring exercises but my late nights at Pizza Hut should have had me in Barbie clothes by now.
Well, my issue was not the exercise, it was the eating so here is my motto I made.
"The more exercise you do and the less you eat equals the weight you lose."
I'm not going into details about what I'm eating now, but lets just say that if I drive by a Golden Corral I would drive through the front window and eat everything...twice.  But it's all good because I'm taking my Flintstone vitamins everyday to get through this.
With my motto in my head, I began to re-evaluate how to eat differently. I regained my self control and common sense when I got hungry.
I'm guessing somewhere between the five in a half mile walk/run through Gloucester and the countless hours at the gym, something clicked.
My weigh-in last Tuesday was 242.2.
I weighed in this morning at 230.4.
(Don't look at my feet, they're ugly.)
If we recall my last Monday weigh-in back in January that I blogged showed my weight at 237.8.
Thank God I had socks on in this one!
The first thing I thought when I looked at the scale was, "I must be dying..."
I was in complete shock but happy.
This is kind of a positive-negative situation because you should only lose up to three pounds a week.  If you lose more than three pounds a week, it could lead to health issues or it will be very easy to gain back.  But in this situation, I'm going to be the 99% of the people that tell me it's water weight.  I will find out a week from now if it continues to be water weight.  Hell, I don't mind it being water weight until I get down to 200.  This puts my overall weight loss journey at 84.6 pounds.
Yay Me!!

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