Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Never Give Up!!

No people I have not given up on the blogs. It’s not everyday that something exciting happens in my life. But, if you want to know what I did today here it goes…
I woke up at ten in the morning and then went to work at eleven. After getting off from work at eight, I proceeded to eat two turkey tacos and went to bed…
Yep, that’s it… Wal-Mart fucked up my whole day and y’all had to sit here and read about it. I bet I wasted a good minute of your life that you will never get back to tell you that my life sucked today. 
But on the bright side, I found this cool graphic while I was searching Google for something I can’t remember now.

(This is actually not the picture I was going to put up but I’m at the library and I don’t feel like Googling it again.  It will be on another blog later in life.  My eyes hurt but it’s still cool!!)

 I find this image very powerful. It lets you remember that with all the haters and negative thoughts circulating your mind, YOU must push YOURSELF to accomplish what YOU want to do in YOUR life. It’s not easy but when you reach your goal it’s fucking awesome!!

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